Who is your Community Hero?

Who is your hero? We aren’t talking about Superman or Spiderman. We’re talking about a hero in your community that exemplifies the very definition of “hero.” More often than not, heroes are quiet and unsung as they hide in the background doing the work to improve the community. A hero shows how passion and determination can help a person build a life dedicated to making a difference.


This is the premise behind the Bryant Heating & Cooling Community Heroes Program. Bryant Heating & Cooling wants to honor inspirational individuals throughout the Midwest. The program began in 2015 as a way to honor local heroes making a difference in their communities. In just four years, they’ve honored over 100 individuals throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and Michigan. Every winner chosen and honored receives a free Bryant High-Efficiency Gas furnace, which will be installed by their local Bryant dealer.


How are winners chosen? Nominations are placed by community members. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, so nominations don’t necessarily have to be a “traditional” type of hero, like a firefighter or policeman. After all, not all heroes wear capes or even a uniform! Your nomination could be the neighbor man down the street who is always shoveling sidewalks for his neighbors, or the friendly neighborhood elderly woman who knits blankets for the homeless shelter and takes in stray cats. If you see someone making a positive impact and making your community a better place—a neighbor, friend, colleague, or community member—you can nominate them. To nominate your local deserving hero, submit their story at bryantcommunityheroes.com by November 8, 2019.

Finken is proud to be a Bryant Heating & Cooling supplier. We will help select a winner in our area and install the free Bryant furnace.


Learn more by visiting bryantcommunityheroes.com.

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