Looking for a clever and creative way to promote your business, celebrate a wedding, or even fundraise for an organization? Custom labeled water is a completely customizable way to share your news or help your cause.

This fresh idea starts with natural mineral spring water born from glaciers. The water is then UV treated, micron filters and bottled in a specially designed clean room to ensure the highest level of quality. Bottling at the source eliminates the risk of potential contamination that can occur during bulk transport of water.

Then we take your personal message and create a custom look that communicates your message clearly and effectively. No order is to large or to small. Expert in-house graphic design capabilities simplify your private label needs. We can work with your existing art, or create custom water bottle labels to communicate your message clearly and effectively. Not only will your label look professional but the water tastes great also. We have done custom labeled water for many business from auto dealerships, equipment manufacturers, restaurants, banks, dentist offices, and schools. If you can think it, we can design it and make it happen for you too!

When it comes to your next event or promotion, start thinkin’ Finken!

A Finken drinking water system is perfect for

Drinking Water
Coffee, Tea and Juice
Beverages and Mixes
Rinsing Fruits and Vegetables
Weight-Loss and Low-Sodium Diets
Baby Formulas
Ice Cubes

Watering Plants
Aquarium and Pet Drinking Water
Steam Irons and Humidifiers
Cleaning Concentrates
Washing Windows

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