It’s all about clean drinking water.

ION transforms ordinary tap water with CarbonPlus™, the latest filtration technology that reduces chlorine, taste, odor, lead, and more. Bad news for contaminants. Good news for you.

After filtering, the exclusive InstaChill™ system instantly chills and dispenses your water. And ION’s design ensures your water stays fresh, not stale from a reservoir like other bottle-less cooler options.

We offer free water testing. Our goal is to make sure the families in our community are safe, and that includes yours.

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Just press a button and enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot or sparkling water. The CarbonPlus™ filter can produce enough clean water to replace 8,000 16-ounce bottles.

And changing the filter is simple. Twist to remove in seconds, without any tools… even without turning off the water supply. And when you get your ION from Finken, we will replace the filters for you.

Say goodbye to costly UV bulbs in old-fashioned reservoir coolers. With ION, there’s just a few ounces of water from the filter to the faucet, in a pressurized, sealed, clean system.


Designed to fit on most counter tops, the ION™ makes a great office water cooler where space may be limited. Don’t have counter top space? The ION has an attractive matching stand that fits in anywhere.

Say goodbye to bottled water for good.  No more heavy lifting or storing of water jugs.  Just press a button to enjoy an endless supply of cold, hot, or sparkling water.


Using advanced technology ION continuously monitors water temperatures and filter life for maximum performance. Every ION is equipped with the energy-saving SleepMode™ and even safety features, such as ChildLock™. Clean. Simple. Smart. ION gives you an endless source of pure refreshment.


Don’t let ION’s compact size deceive you. ION delivers more cold water capacity than any other cooler – large or small. InstaChill gets its incredible cooling capacity from a unique “ice bank” system. Dispense a 7-ounce glass of water every 30 seconds for an hour and ION makes sure its 42° F or colder.

A Finken drinking water system is perfect for

Drinking Water
Coffee, Tea and Juice
Beverages and Mixes
Rinsing Fruits and Vegetables
Weight-Loss and Low-Sodium Diets
Baby Formulas
Ice Cubes

Watering Plants
Aquarium and Pet Drinking Water
Steam Irons and Humidifiers
Cleaning Concentrates
Washing Windows

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