Soaking in a Clearwater Spa is perfect at the end of the day to help you relax or enjoy the companionship of family and friends. The jets are flawlessly placed throughout the hot tub to target specific areas of the body and give you massage-like therapy, no matter what seat you are in. It is easy to increase or decrease water flow to a particular jet zones or seat area in these remarkable hot tubs. Choose from a wide range of colors and styles, each offering the whole family will appreciate!

All Clearwater Spas are designed with E-Smart™ technology. This symbol signifies the highest energy efficiencies, the smartest engineering detail standards, global environmentally green components and e-cycling sound programs. All of Clearwater Spas are certified to California’s Energy Commission (CEC) – the most stringent energy standards in the United States. We not only meet these standards-we exceed them.

Clearwater Spas was the first company to produce an ecologically sound product, and all of our spas are produced without fiberglass resin and other destructive agents. Clearwater’s EcoSpray™ was developed specifically to provide a solution to the styrene problem in the spa and bath industry and does not emit any volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.’s) into the air.

XS Series:

All the same attractive qualities as a luxury spa, at a value that you cannot turn down.

Resort Series:

Expect these spas to exceed expectations. These top of the line spas have all the features you would look forward to relaxing in at a luxurious resort.

Don’t forget your supplies!

Finken has all the chemicals you need to keep your spa running efficient and clean. Ask us about filters for you hot tubs too!

A Finken drinking water system is perfect for

Drinking Water
Coffee, Tea and Juice
Beverages and Mixes
Rinsing Fruits and Vegetables
Weight-Loss and Low-Sodium Diets
Baby Formulas
Ice Cubes

Watering Plants
Aquarium and Pet Drinking Water
Steam Irons and Humidifiers
Cleaning Concentrates
Washing Windows

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