Heated Floors: Forget the Extra Pair of Socks

Are you one of those people who wears their thickest wool socks all winter long because you can’t bear the thought of stepping even a tiptoe onto the freezing cold floor in the morning? Toss those socks in the garbage—or save them for your outside adventures—and opt for heated floors instead! After all, when you live in the frozen tundra

Warm Up at Work this Winter with Coffee Delivery

You’re working to meet end-of-year initiatives, you’re strategizing for 2019, you’re packing your days full so you can take some time off before year’s end to spend time with your family. Add on top of that running back and forth to holiday parties, children’s Christmas plays, bake sales, and shopping trips, and you’re busy. Yikes! You need a breather—or some

Geothermal Heating—Too Good to be True?

Geothermal systems have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their efficiency and longevity. But what is it? Is it all it’s really cracked up to be?   A geothermal system uses the earth as a heat source in the winter and a heat storage source in the summer. The reason it works in different climates is because the

Don’t Let Cold and Flu Season Catch You!

It’s here. The dreaded cold and flu season. No matter how you try to prevent catching it each year, it seems inevitable that you’ll catch some sort of bug this season. And your chances are even higher if you have young children in school—a breeding ground for germs. Sure, you can cover your cough, wipe down surfaces often, and wash

What does a Water Softener Do?

Does your hair feel lackluster or weighed down with mineral buildup? Does your skin feel itchy and dry after stepping out of the tub or shower? When you’re in the shower or washing dishes, does it take a lot of soap to work up a good lather? Or maybe your dishes have water stains on them? Perhaps you haven’t thought

Keep your Hot Tub Bubbling this Winter

Many people think they need to winterize their hot tub and drain it for the season, but what about using a hot tub in the winter? In freezing Minnesota temperatures? It’s often better to keep your hot tub running during the colder months. You’ll also experience a whole slew of winter hot tub perks. Consider it your new winter oasis.

Wondering What’s in Your Water?

Contamination doesn’t discriminate; it can affect both water from the city or a private well. Don’t you want to know what’s in the water you drink, shower in, and use to clean your dishes and clothes? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends that you have your water tested once a year. Whatever the contaminant and whatever the amount of it

Don’t Burn up at Work, Schedule Bottled Water Delivery

This sure has been a smoking summer, but it isn’t over yet! Throughout the month of August, we can still expect to see temperatures in the 80’s and 90’s, and in September temperatures start to settle down into the 70’s and 80’s. While those temperatures look nice if you are spending the day on the lake, they don’t look appealing

Why is my air conditioner so loud?

If your air conditioner is loud, don’t ignore it, especially if instead of a loud hum there is a loud clunking and chunking. A loud air conditioner signals that it is not working properly. When an air conditioner isn’t working properly it is either working too hard and driving up your energy bill or not running enough and hardly cooling

Beat the Heat with Water Delivery

A human can only survive three days without water. Our bodies are 65% water. The earth’s surface is 71% water. How important is water? It is extremely important and an extremely necessary part to our lives. With all of today’s modern conveniences, why are people still buying water from the store, when you could have it delivered right to your