Beat the Heat with Water Delivery

A human can only survive three days without water. Our bodies are 65% water. The earth’s surface is 71% water. How important is water? It is extremely important and an extremely necessary part to our lives. With all of today’s modern conveniences, why are people still buying water from the store, when you could have it delivered right to your door. No more hauling heavy awkward packages of bottled water or multiple gallon jugs, Finken’s can deliver water to the front steps of your home or business!

Having pure, clean, safe drinking water delivered right to your home can’t be beat. In today’s always-on-the-go lifestyle it’s difficult to budget in time for everything you need to get done in a day. By scheduling water delivery, you will be saving yourself time for another activity that you enjoy. Along with the convenience of water delivery, there are also added health benefits. It is recommended that the average person consume half their body weight in ounces of water a day. Drinking water improves energy levels and digestion. Water from the tap is often saturated with impurities and can have an odd taste. By having pure natural drinking water delivered, you will have water in its purest form for better tasting drinking water and better-tasting food when used in your cooking.

In addition to having water delivered to the front door of your home, water can also be delivered to the front steps of your business. You no longer will have to do a water run and you can focus on your business’s bottom line instead of the water cooler’s bottom line. By having water available at work, hopefully, employees will drink more. Water keeps headaches away and reduces irritability and brain fog. One of the key factors of fatigue is dehydration. When hydrated, employees will be more energetic and more productive. It is also beneficial to have pure and clean drinking water available to offer to clients visiting your workplace.

You want to have a healthy happy home and you don’t want your office to feel like an episode of Survivor, fill up your family and employees with clean water. We cannot survive without it, water is essential to us. Make water delivery an essential part to the function of your home and business. If you’re thirsty start thinkin’ Finken!