Finken’s Exciting News!

Finken’s is excited to announce we recently purchased Crystal Canyon Water of Cottage Grove, Mn! Crystal Canyon is a water bottling and delivery company that provides ultra-pure drinking water, fluoride water, and distilled water.

How does Crystal Canyon fit into Finken’s picture?

Crystal Canyon has been Finken’s bottler for the past 8 years. Tom, the owner of Finken’s has always wanted to bottle his own water. The purchase of Crystal Canyon was the perfect way to grow the Finken’s brand in both customer reach as well as adding to our service offerings. In addition to bottled water, salt and coffee delivery; we are now able to act as a wholesale bottler.

What’s Finken’s Future?

At Finken’s, Tom the owner, really values giving back to the community. Finken’s will sponsor a multitude and a variety of events within the community over the year. Finken’s hopes by extending their business reach into the southern Mn market, they can also extend their community involvement. In the future, they will get involved in the Cottage Grove community just as we have been in the St. Cloud Area. Finken’s future is a meshing of the family and environmentally friendly values of Crystal Canyon with our own.

Finken’s is excited and hopeful for the expansion of the company!