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Finken water treatment

     My wife Kate and I recently went through our tiny town-home in preparation for a garage sale.  I love garage sales!  Sure I make a few bucks selling the “stuff” I acquire through the years but for some strange reason I enjoy when other people find value in my “old stuff”.

     I am reading a #1 New York Times Best Seller called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up: The Japanese Art of De-cluttering and Organizing”.  The book is written by Marie Kondo (I will put a link to her website at the end of my blog).  I would highly recommend reading it.  One of the many topics of interest to me is how to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of.  Kondo calls for you to pick up each item and ask yourself if it sparks joy.  If it doesn’t bring joy it’s time to get rid of it.

       I think it’s fair to say I can apply this method to my job.  “Does my job bring me joy?”  I had to ask myself when deciding if I wanted to be in the water treatment industry if I could help people solve problems, give them value, and hopefully earn enough money to support my family.   

Dianne’s old Softener

     I visited a customer named Dianne last month that called into the office because she had an old water softener that didn’t seem to be working properly.  I tested Dianne’s water right in her kitchen and discovered she had 57 Grains  per gallon of hardness in her water (The Water Quality Association says that water over 10.5 Grains per gallon is considered very hard water).  She also had 7.5 parts per million of Iron in her water (orange staining starts to happen at .3 parts per million). Dianne was tired of the rotten egg smell in her water and all the time she was spending scrubbing those orange and black stains in her toilet bowl and in her sinks.  I discussed with Dianne what was happening with her water and what it would take to fix her problem water. 

     About a week after one of our awesome installers Roger put in her new water treatment system our Human Resources Manager Amy forwarded an email she received from Dianne that made my day!


Dear Finken Company,

     I would like to acknowledge one of your Sales Reps…Jeffrey Soltau.

I contacted Finken (I am a former Zachmans customer) for a water analysis due to increasing Iron noted in our water and our softener not covering the problem.

    Jeff came out to my home and spent a lot of time checking out my softening system and water quality.  I really appreciated the fact that he explained each step to me and what the outcome meant.  I gave him my concerns up front from friends who were not happy with “systems” they had put in.  He presented me with an estimate of what I would need to eliminate my water problems.

     I wasn’t ready to make my decision on the spot and we agreed to touch base in a week or so.  I appreciated the fact that there was no arm twisting!!!  We set up an appointment time, signed all our papers and set my installation date on the spot.  I couldn’t believe how smooth things went!

You have a great sales rep who is really good, appears to like his job, believes in his products and knows how to sell them!

     Thank you,

     Dianne K

Dianne’s new softener and Iron Curtain

As always I like to go out to the customers house to make sure the equipment is doing what it’s supposed to do (it always does).  No more red stains, no more scrubbing the toilet tank or bowl, and no more scrubbing the shower.

If I follow the Marie Kondo method and look at my job to decide if it brings me joy I need to look no further than the testimonial Dianne K wrote for me.  Being able to serve customers like Dianne in this way truly brings me joy.

Here is the link to Marie Kondo’s website if your interested in looking at any of her publications: Marie Kondo’s Website

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Jeff Soltau is originally from Monticello, Minnesota and is a Territory Manager for Finken Water Solutions. He enjoys listening to people, and helping them solve problems while serving his community. He earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from St. Cloud State University and is currently studying to become a certified water specialist through the Water Quality Association. Jeff is married to his wife Kate.

Jeff Soltau

Territory Manager