The Benefits of Staying Hydrated and Drinking Water Regularly

woman drinking water

We hear time and time again that drinking water is essential to our wellbeing. But which aspects of your health benefit from drinking water? Well, water is great for many parts of your body and can promote a healthier lifestyle. Many health authorities live by the 8×8 rule, eight ounces of water eight times a day, which equals to two liters or half a gallon of water. It is also said that you should sip on water throughout your day for maximum benefits.

Everyone is different, so what is right for your routine may be different for someone else. Regardless of how much water you drink a day, drinking more water is a great way to increase the health benefits of water.


Promote Weight Loss

Drinking water has been tied to weight loss because it works. Not only is water calorie-free, but it also can decrease your appetite. Drinking water makes you feel full, so you won’t reach for that bag of cookies. The benefits of drinking water are even higher when you replace sugary or caffeinated beverages.

Water even removes waste from the body, making it easier to lose weight. When dehydrated, minerals and unneeded nutrients won’t leave your body as frequently because you won’t be using the bathroom as much. Staying hydrated keeps waste moving out of your body and keep off additional pounds.


Healthier Skin

Staying hydrated leads to healthier-looking skin. Water aids in your body’s circulation and absorption, so staying hydrated will help you maintain a young and fresh face. Your skin is just like every organ in your body and does not run correctly if it is not hydrated. If the skin is dehydrated, you might suffer from dry, flaky skin more prone to wrinkling.


Maintain a Healthy Sodium Level

Sodium can force your body to retain water. However, by drinking more water after a salty meal, you can help flush that extra water out of your body. While drinking water won’t fully mitigate high sodium intake issues, it is essential to keep your body hydrated to create fluctuations within your sodium intake.


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