Keep your cool this summer, as long as you get A/C maintenance done now

Right now, we’re at the cusp of winter and spring, which means saying goodbye to cold soul-crushing temperatures and saying hello to humidity. We don’t know about you, but feeling muggy isn’t our favorite feeling. To combat the muggy and humid air these next months, your A/C will need to be in tip-top shape. If there are problems with your cooling unit, you’re going to want to get them checked out before you’re sweating bullets in the heat of summer.

Spikes in A/C usage will occur soon
When it comes to turning on the A/C, Minnesotans tend to hold off until right before summer hits. EnerNex data says that on average the first spike in A/C usage occurs at the beginning of May. Airconditioning is heavily relied on from mid-June to the end of August. To make sure that your air conditioner doesn’t go out during a heatwave, it’s ideal to get your unit and system checked prior to these peak times.

Maintenance makes your wallet greener
Worried about racking up the cooling bill this summer? Research shows that routine maintenance on HVAC systems can reduce energy costs by 5 to 40 percent. Cooling your home just became exponentially cheaper. Routine maintenance checks help your unit operate more efficiently which means that it can work less, which saves on energy.

There are certain repairs that will drastically reduce your energy bill more than others. An example of this is getting your thermostat control checked. By making sure that it’s properly installed and that settings can adjust to daytime and nighttime temperatures can reduce your energy bill by 40 percent. Another huge saver is cleaning the tubes inside your centrifugal chiller which can save up to 35 percent on your bill.

Hire a professional
When it comes to maintaining and fixing your A/C unit, a professional should always perform repairs, even if they are minor. Heating and cooling are a huge household expense, which is why it’s important for homeowners to devote a little extra time to make sure it runs efficiently all year round. Our HVAC experts will check over 20 different diagnostic and checkups items on your unit guaranteeing that we’re thorough and catch any problems before they escalate. Call us today to schedule your A/C maintenance.

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