Furnace Maintenance

Coming home in the middle of winter to a freezing cold house and a furnace that won’t turn on is a nightmare.  It could be something simple, like a blown fuse; but if your unit is older and/or hasn’t had yearly maintenance, it could be a much trickier and costly issue.


When there are issues, they typically lie within the heat source, distribution system, or thermostat. If it isn’t running, it may have lost its power source. Either fuel isn’t reaching the unit or the fuel isn’t igniting. Your blower or distribution system may be the problem if warm air isn’t reaching the different rooms of your home. If the system turns on or off repeatedly or isn’t turning on when it should be, a faulty control or the thermostat could be the problem. Being proactive with regular furnace maintenance may help you repair these issues before they become emergencies.


Overall, furnaces are pretty easy to maintain. Regular filter changes, yearly professional cleaning of the internal components and routine duct cleaning are all it takes to get the maximum life and efficiency out of your system.


At Finken, we provide high quality equipment and professional, trusted service. With a wide variety of furnaces, you have many energy-efficient options to choose from if you need to replace your furnace.  Finken’s team of heating and ventilation professionals are certified in HVAC and are available for 24 hour emergency services should you need them. Our technicians can service virtually any make and model.

When it’s freezing cold outside and the wind is howling, you don’t want your furnace to struggle to keep you and your family warm. Give Finken a call at 877-346-5367 and let us help you!