Why You Need Custom Water Bottles for Your Event

Water Bottles

Are you a business hosting a big event? Are you planning an outdoor party or celebration? For either occasion, customized one-time use water bottles are a great addition. With COVID-19 restrictions for serving drinks and the necessity of being outdoors, single-use bottles are the best option for hydrating your guests. Customize them to fit the event or brand them using the company’s logo and you’ll have a talking piece that will make lasting impressions on your guests.


Free Marketing

For a business running an event, having custom water bottles will do the marketing for you. If someone leaves the event and runs around town with a water bottle branded with your logo, people will notice. What’s better than free advertising for your company?


Make an Impact

If you are hosting a big event for a wedding, graduation ceremony, or a birthday party, customize the label to fit the theme. It’s all about the important small details that will bring your event together. Add your event hashtag or simply put the name of the person you are celebrating to add a special touch.


Stay Within COVID-19 Guidelines

With the ongoing pandemic, sanitary restrictions have heightened and will likely continue for some time. If you are hosting an event, (business or personal) having easy-to-grab individual water bottles are a safe option to stay within sanitary guidelines. Your guests will know you care about their safety.


Promote Hydration

When given easy access to drinking water, people are more likely to take it. Having personalized touches, especially at events, will excite your guests. It’s so much more fun to drink water out of a bottle tied to an event than a regular bottle. Encouraging water consumption is a great way to keep your guests healthy and shows that you care about keeping them healthy and comfortable.


Whether you’re hosting grandma’s 70th birthday party or an annual golf event, having personalized water bottles is a great touch. At Finken, we can help you design a custom label right for you, and we can even deliver it to your event. Contact us today!

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