Let Me Introduce My Introverted Self

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[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” custom_class=”] First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my first blog! I am truly honored by your willingness to let me share some of this adventure with you.

“Jeff, you’re an introvert, how can you be successful as an in home sales person?” This was the question I was asking myself after submitting my resume to a water treatment company. I asked myself this again after I received a phone call asking if I was interested in a phone interview with Kelly. Kelly is the Owner and President of Moti-Vitality, a company that hires and trains Water Treatment Sales Professionals.

When Kelly called I had to run out to my car to speak with him. It was pretty busy at my favorite hot chocolate place in town. When I mentioned Caribou he responded with excitement because Finken Water Solutions provides the water treatment for Caribou Coffee. He then came up with a slogan for Finken over the phone “Whatever you’re drinkin’ it came from Finken”. It was a nice icebreaker.

Ok, back to my self confidence issues. After my 4th interview, the last one being with Tom Finken the Owner of Finken Companies my self confidence was high. I was walking out of the restaurant we met at with the proud new job title of Territory Manager for Finken Water Solutions. Now it’s 4 months later and I am loving what I do. Sometimes I wonder how a guy with a degree in Criminal Justice now works as a Territory Manager in the water treatment industry. I can tell you I am very happy to be where I am and enjoy sharing information with people. It gives me an opportunity to serve my community in a meaningful way.

Going forward my hope for this Blog is to give you a lot less information about me and more information about water. We depend on water in so many ways, many of which we don’t even realize. I hope you find my blog interesting and maybe even useful to you in your life.

I ran across this article while doing research for a customer on Reverse Osmosis Systems. It’s worth the quick read.

Prescription drugs you might not know you are taking
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