Water Shouldn’t Taste Like the Pipe

(and Other Benefits of Reverse Osmosis)

A Reverse Osmosis drinking system is a water purification system to improve the quality of water for drinking, cooking, and other important uses. Water is forced through specialized membranes that remove microorganisms, large minerals and molecules, and solid substances.

Water softeners solve a lot of hard water problems, but they under-deliver when it comes to the purification of your water. A water softener replaces the hard minerals in the water with sodium molecules, but a Reverse Osmosis system goes one step further and removes the sodium molecules. This is a huge benefit to people who have high blood pressure, liver or kidney diseases, or any sodium restrictions.

Cancer patients can consume Reverse Osmosis water during and after treatment. Radiation and chemotherapy weaken the immune system, and untreated water contains micro-organisms and bacteria that can cause infection.

This purification system takes the gross lingering metal taste out of your well water. It effectively removes heavy metals such as lead. Excess levels of lead in a person’s body can result in increased blood pressure, fertility problems, and muscle and nerve damage.

There is also a huge cost benefit to a Reverse Osmosis drinking system. Bottled water is expensive and creates a lot of waste with its production and use. A Reverse Osmosis system pays for itself. It only costs pennies per gallon.

A reverse Osmosis system is better to cook with. There could be a high concentration of chlorine in your water if you’re using municipal tap or a high concentration of mineral deposits if you’re using well water. Whether you know it or not, this affects the taste and color of what you’re cooking. Think about boiling pasta or making soup or bread, using pure water makes a difference. However, the biggest difference you will see is in your coffee and tea.

Some skeptics of the Reverse Osmosis system argue that it takes the minerals out of the water, thus it loses some of its health benefits. This is true; the system does take out the extra minerals in tap water, but these minerals don’t have a large impact on your health. The majority of the minerals that you need come from your everyday diet. Additionally, the minerals that are in your water are organic, which your body has a difficult time absorbing.

Clean up your drinking and cooking water to its purest form. The cost and health benefits are worth the Reverse Osmosis system. Finkens can help you with it, 1-877-FINKENS.