Upgrading your Water Softener

Nobody likes hard water. It causes build-up in your sinks and showers, it leaves your skin feeling dry and your hair less-than-desirable, and your dishes covered in soap scum. If you don’t have a water softener, it’s time to get one. And if you don’t have a high efficiency water softener, it’s time to make the upgrade—not just for your family, but for the environment as well.


High efficiency upflow water softeners are the best option for your home. They use far less water and salt, therefore saving thousands of gallons of water and thousands of pounds of salt. The upflow softener differs from downflow water softener systems because water is directed in an upward (upflow) direction. Water flows up from the bottom of the tank and through the resin. It flows upward in a swirling motion. This upflow regeneration is what decreases water usage. You’ll also use less electricity. You’ll save energy on your water bill and your energy bill. You’ll also have to buy less salt.


Not only is a high efficiency water softener good for your wallet, it’s better for the planet too. High efficiency water softeners regenerate less often based on usage, and therefore push less chloride back out into the water supply. This is especially beneficial as there is a push to reduce chloride runoff. While we can’t control road salting and farming, water softeners are one small way we can cut down on chloride runoff.


If you haven’t updated your appliances, especially your water softener, what are you waiting for? Call Finken and make the change today!


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