Consider Radiant Floor Heating Systems Before Winter

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Many homeowners are moving away from carpeted flooring because tile and wood are often easier to keep clean. In the Midwest, however, carpeted floors protect your feet from getting cold, especially in the winter months. Radiant In-floor Heating will save your toes from the cold and help lower your utility cost in the winter months.


Radiant floor heating has several benefits that aren’t just keeping your soles warm during any season. Implementing a radiant floor heating can create healthier air quality, have a quieter running function than a heater, and bring consistent warmth. If you are interested in implementing radiant floor heating throughout your home, you should know the following tips:


Consider the Type of Flooring

You don’t have to worry about what the radiant floor system looks like because it is installed under your floor. You will want to consider the floor above it carefully. To maximize the system’s benefits, you’ll want to pick a type of flooring that efficiently transmits heat like tile, marble, or stone. Stray away from carpeting, hardwood, and vinyl because they can act as insulation and not create the warm floor feel you are hoping to obtain.


Think About the Location

Some people implement a radiant floor system in just one room. We recommend doing it in several places because of all the benefits it has, especially if you have tile, marble, or stone floors in different rooms. Whether you want to walk around in your tiled kitchen without slippers or hop out of the shower and stand on warm marble, it’s easy to implement it in several locations.


Keep Up with Regular Maintenance

Just like any appliance in your home, you will have to keep up with maintenance on your radiant floor system. With regular maintenance, your system can last you 30 years or more. Contact a professional to understand the requirements for maintenance and keep up on it to continually bring your home warm floors.

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