Love yourself this winter and install in-floor heating in your home

Crawling out of bed during the cold winter months doesn’t have to be so difficult. How you may ask? No need for slippers and long-underwear, outfit your home with in-floor heating. Luckily, this luxurious, splurge for your home pays off in more ways than one:


The delights of in-floor heating

The biggest bonus of in-floor heating is that there is little to no maintenance once it is installed. Homeowners can enjoy the heat radiating below their toes with little worry. Furthermore, in-floor heating provides a huge economic benefit to homeowners. In addition to helping reduce heating costs by 10 to 30 percent, homeowners with in-floor heating can lower their thermostats by six to eight degrees, reaping even more savings.


It seems too good to be true, how does it work?

Your heating professionals will install “Pex” pipes underneath your concrete which will provide your home with consistent and efficient heating. Warm water is pumped through these pipes and warms up the floor of your home. Heat naturally rises so it will also warm up more than just the floors of your home. Even if you turn off the heat, concrete retains the heat for hours afterward granting the homeowner even larger energy savings. Unlike forced-air heating, radiant floor heating also eliminates draftiness throughout the home.


Step aside, bunny slippers!

Give yourself the gift of comfort this winter and show yourself some love by installing in-floor heating. Luckily, your home heating experts at Finken can outfit you with your ideal in-floor heating system. Call us today to find out what option best suits you and your home’s needs.

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