Is it Time to Get Your RPZ Valve Tested?

home drinking water RPZ Valve

Is it time to get your RPZ valve tested? If you read that question and have no idea when the last time your reduced pressure zone (RPZ) was tested, it’s probably time to contact a professional. Minnesota state law requires RPZ valves be checked annually and for the whole unit to be rebuilt every five years. Your home has an RPZ valve to protect you from any contaminated water getting back into the flow of your drinking resources. It is important to keep your RPZ valve up to date and within the state’s regulations.

Why do I even need an RPZ valve?

Plumbing systems can normally keep water at a specific pressure to keep it flowing. However, if the pressure falls, contaminated water can enter the system, potentially becoming hazardous. When the pressure of your plumbing system’s water gets lower, water can incorrectly flow. Water moving in the wrong direction, or backflow can bring water contaminated by appliances, pesticides, or fertilizers into your drinking supply. Backflow can occur due to a variety of issues that are out of your control entirely, like a nearby main break, the fire department tapping into a hydrant or even small fluctuations in the city water source.

Having an RPZ valve prevents the pressure from lowering by using two independent valves with a chamber in-between that monitors the water pressure. If either check valve fails, water is released from the reduced pressure zone, and contamination is avoided.

How do I know it’s time to get my RPZ checked?

The easy answer is if it’s been over a year, it’s time to get it checked now. Otherwise, make sure to schedule yearly tests with a local professional to keep your drinking supply safe. If you discover anything missing or broken on your RPZ, it’s better to get it checked now than later. Finken offers expert RPZ testing that will keep you in compliance with state laws and will prevent any potential backflow contamination. Our professionals are careful when inspecting RPZ valves and are willing to answer any questions you may have. It’s important to take care of your plumbing systems to ensure you have a safe drinking supply.

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