Is a Water Softener System Right for You?

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We’ve all been washing our hands more frequently over the last few months. Have you noticed that your home’s water is leaving a film on your hands after washing? If you have, you may have hard water. Water is typically clear. However, it contains minerals and chemicals that indicate the “hardness” of the water. Homes with hard water often cause itchy skin and can leave a film on hands, build-up in hair, and spots on dishes.


Is my water hard or soft?

You can’t usually tell if you have soft or hard water just by looking at it. Most people determine the hardness of their home water by observing what it does to their clothes or dishes. On your dishes, you might find spots on your glasses and silverware after washing them. Hard water also affects clothes by wearing them out faster and sometimes leaving deposit stains.

You might also notice hard water because of what it does to your skin and hair. Hard water often leaves a film on your hands after washing them. This film is a chemical reaction between your soap and the calcium deposits in your water. Hard water also makes it more difficult for soap and shampoo to lather properly. It can even create a mineral build-up in your hair.

If you’ve noticed that your water pressure isn’t as good as it used to be, this could be because of hard water in your home. The deposits running through your water pipes can clog the pipes over time, and in turn, decrease your water pressure.


What do I do if I have hard water?

If you think your home might suffer from hard water, you can get a water-softening system installed. This works by running hard water through a resin that’s coated with positively charged sodium ions. You must clean the resin of a water-softening system often so that bacteria and fungi don’t build up. However, if you add a water-softening system to your home, you will no longer suffer from hard water symptoms, like itchy skin, mineral build-up in your hair, spots on your dishes and clothes, and poor water pressure.


We all use and consume water every day. If your hard water is impacting your life, it might be time for a water softener system. Contact us, and we will install the right system for you.

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