How to maintain your spa to enjoy all winter long

Winter is among us, which means packing away many of our favorite summertime activities. Luckily, spas and hot tubs are a luxury that can be used all year round. To use your spa during the winter there are a few steps you need to take to prepare for the intense cold.


Decide whether to drain or to not drain

You can most certainly use your hot tub in the winter, but due to higher energy bill costs or infrequent use, some might opt to drain their hot tubs in the winter. Poor maintenance will damage your spa so it’s essential to follow these simple steps to winterize your hot tub.


Invest a high-quality cover

One of the main features that protects your hot tub from the elements is a cover. Your spa’s cover is what insulates your hot tub. If a hot tub has a faulty seal it will take longer to heat up the water and also help your unit maintain the right temperature during severe weather.


Routinely checking the water

Before the winter season hits, it’s ideal to drain your hot tub of all its water. This ensures that your hot tub is clean and in the best working condition. This is a seasonal task that will reduce the wear and tear your spa undergoes each season. Simple problems turn hazardous in the cold, so take the time to do routine cleanings and maintenance checks.


Furthermore, make sure that you have proper water levels in the spa. If your water level drops too low, it can damage your pump and heater in the unit. These are costly to repair, so be diligent in checking your spa’s water levels.


Turn down or turn off the jets

Jets blow air into the water which creates a bubbling effect. This is a crowd favorite in a hot tub, but can also lead to more problems with your spa during the winter. In the winter, it’s important to use jets less or even turn down the jets on your unit to make sure that it does not become damage. Using the jets also lowers the overall water temperature making it easier to freeze if used for extended periods of time.


If you have any problems with your spa or hot tub this winter, call your local Finken. Our experts will get your wintertime fun up and running in no time.

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