What goes on behind the closed curtain?

American Standard faucet

1016.2367.h-AmStd_Art_of_Bathing_Survey_Infographic-highTaking selfies while you’re soaking in the suds? Really?

At Finken Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Water Treatment, we’re pretty into what people want in their bathrooms. It’s our job. The finest faucets, the sweetest showers, the tidiest toilets, we’re on it!

But our friends at American Standard plumbing products wanted to know a little more about what we really enjoy about our bathrooms. They were looking for innovative product ideas, but they found out a little bit more than they bargained for.

They talked to 1200 people between the ages of 18-65 and here’s what they discovered:

  1. People take selfies in the shower more than once a week. Almost 60-percent of us. Cheesse!
  2. People pee in the shower. Efficient I guess. How about giving one of our nice toilets a try?
  3. Cleaning the shower naked. Well it’s not like you’re going to take a shower with your clothes on so we say scrub away!
  4. Singing in the shower is nothing new but almost 90% more shower-ers yodel their cares away than bathers.
  5. One out of four of us sneaky snoops help ourselves to other people’s personal products when we are using their bathrooms.
  6. Is it really “smart” to use your smartphone in the bathtub? I guess we’re willing to risk it because lots of us do it. So much for going off the grid even long enough to take a simple soak.
  7. Sleep tight. ¼ of us can’t go to sleep until we’ve had our soothing shower or bath.
  8. More than half of us, whether we’re shower-ers or bathers, forget our shampoo, razor or something else that we intended to bring with us into the shower.

For more details on the survey results and activities, visit the interactive Art of Bathing website.

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