Drink More Water: Your ideal New Year’s Resolution

Are you a victim of choosing a New Year’s resolution by abandoning it by the beginning of February? We’ve all been there. Many New Year’s resolutions end in failure because they lack actionable steps which is necessary to hold you accountable. Yet, this year, Finken believes that the best New Year’s resolution is to drink more water. Here are some ways Finken can help you stay on track and even achieve this goal:


How much water should you be drinking?

Even though more than 60 percent of your body composition is water, it’s still necessary to drink an ample amount of water each day. You’ve probably heard the sage advice that eight glasses of water results in optimal health. Like “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” this advice is completely arbitrary and does not have any scientific basis. Health experts now encourage individuals to indulge in a cool glass of water whenever they feel thirsty. Somedays you might be close to the 64 ounce “recommendation.” Other days, you might be drinking double that depending on how much fatigue you’re experiencing and what foods you consumed.


Health benefits

Even though there is no solid recommendation for the amount of water you should drink, it still is important to hydrate yourself. If you’d like to lose weight this year, drinking more water will help you achieve that. One study showed that people who drank water before each meal lost 44 percent more weight than those who didn’t. Water helped the individuals feel more feel more satiated and not overindulge.


Water can also impact other parts of your appearance including your complexion. A recent study proved that drinking water increases blood flow to the capillaries in the face. Additional blood flow to the capillaries improved the overall skin tone of the individual’s face making it appear more plump, soft and evenly toned.


Make your goal easy to achieve

Instead of setting an unrealistic goal, try to be establish a quantifiable goal. This makes it easy for you to check in regularly and gauge your progress. Challenging yourself to drink enough water every day is a great resolution to have because you can start fresh every day. Each day you have a goal of drinking a certain amount of water, but if you do not meet that goal, it doesn’t completely derail your progress. By keeping your goal simple and checking in daily, you’re more likely to stick to your goal and implement a healthy habit rather than abandon your resolution before winter is even over.


Finken can make your New Year’s resolution even more attainable with a scheduled water delivery. Each week, Finken will deliver water to your doorstep not allowing yourself to make excuses and not meet your goal for this calendar year. Call us today to set up your order and turn over a new, hydrated leaf in the upcoming year.


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