Decrease your carbon footprint this year with these eco-conscious habits

A green home is a happy home. This year for Earth Day, we’re tackling a big goal: to not only help homeowners feel cozier in their homes but also reduce their impact on the environment. There are numerous minor fixes that homeowners can make to drastically decrease their ecological footprint. Here are some ways you can make a positive change for your home and the planet:


Reconsider your drinking receptacles

Water is necessary for our bodies to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Yet, how we consume this water is important. Are you purchasing large cases of water bottles to make sure you’re staying hydrated? Even if you are recycling the water bottles afterward, you are causing unnecessary stress on the environment. Plastic can survive for centuries – 450 years to be exact. To prevent our oceans and landfills from becoming filled with plastics, eliminate them whenever possible. For instance, at your workplace, start drinking out a reusable water bottle or using a bottle-free water cooler. Eliminating plastic from your life can be easy as long as you’re conscious of what you’re using every day.


Keep your toes and your home eco-friendly

The easiest way from decreasing your carbon footprint in terms of heat would be to turn down the thermostat. But there are still environmentally-conscious ways to decrease your use of fossil fuels but also stay warm during the colder months. Hello, in-floor heating! In-floor heating isn’t just a luxury, it’s also environmentally friendly. In fact, in-floor heating can reduce heating costs by 10 to 30 percent. Furthermore, homeowners with in-floor heating have their thermostats set six to eight degrees lower which capitalizes on even more savings.


Water softeners decrease your carbon footprint

Removing minerals like calcium and magnesium that make your water hard can boost your home’s overall eco-friendliness. Households with properly treated water tend to use fewer fabric softeners, detergent and soap overall which helps save the environment. Furthermore, their appliances save more energy and are easier to clean because of the soft water they use. Not only do water softeners make your home cleaner and brighter, but they also make your home eco-friendly.


Don’t wait to make your home greener. Thankfully, Finken has numerous easy ways to make your home greener and cozier. Convert to more eco-friendly ways to improve the outlook for our planet by calling us today.


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