Proudly Giving Back to Our Community

Finken was proud to doante water to the 16th annual Earth Day run!

When it comes to good business, we believe there’s more to it than the bottom line.

At Finken, we’ve made it our mission to make a difference in the communities that we live and work in by proudly giving back. One of the best ways we do that is through water donations to events and programs that benefit area charities and community-focused programs.  Since the beginning of 2015, we’ve donated more than 3,000 gallons of our pure, fresh water to charity runs and walks, school and church events, fire departments, civic groups, benefits, golf tournaments and various other non-profits.

Some of the most rewarding events we take part in are community races. Having water at these events is truly essential. Finken played a major role in every competitor’s race. Drinking water is always important but during a strenuous run, getting enough fluids consistently is critical. Our bodies are close to 70% water and we need to maintain that level for our muscle cells to live and function, especially when we need it most, like during training or a marathon. Water intake also acts like an internal air conditioner. When we exercise, our bodies produce sweat, which is mainly water. This sweat cools our body temperature. If we have a low level of fluids in our systems, our bodies will not produce enough sweat to cool us down properly which can cause overheating or worse. It was recommended to runners to stop at every eater station on the marathon route to refuel with Finken water! One of our favorite events every year is the Annual Earth Day Run that takes place on the campus of St. Cloud State University. 2015 marks the 16th year of the SCHEELS Earth Day Run and Finken Water Solutions was on hand again to provide over 750 gallons of water for all the hydration stations along the route as our gift to this important event. The run took participants through the campus of St. Cloud State University. The St. Cloud Subaru 5K brought runners through Lake George and the SCHEELS Half Marathon took runners along the banks of the Mississippi River and through the Beaver Island Trail. Both races finished at Husky Stadium with spectators on the field and an after-party in the Halenbeck Hall Field House.

If you know of an event that could use some refreshing, healthy water, please keep us in mind. We’re always glad to consider if we can help. Fill out our online donation request form for your next event.

Take good care and as always, thanks for thinkin’ Finken!