Keep your cool this summer, as long as you get A/C maintenance done now

Right now, we’re at the cusp of winter and spring, which means saying goodbye to cold soul-crushing temperatures and saying hello to humidity. We don’t know about you, but feeling muggy isn’t our favorite feeling. To combat the muggy and humid air these next months, your A/C will need to be in tip-top shape. If there are problems with your

National Tune-Up Day

September 25 is National Tune-Up Day, and you might be wondering what that means and why you should care. It’s a day dedicated to tuning up your heating systems every fall. The air feels nice and crisp now, but we’re getting closer to dropping temperatures and snow flurries every day. No one wants to end up with a broken furnace

Why is my air conditioner so loud?

If your air conditioner is loud, don’t ignore it, especially if instead of a loud hum there is a loud clunking and chunking. A loud air conditioner signals that it is not working properly. When an air conditioner isn’t working properly it is either working too hard and driving up your energy bill or not running enough and hardly cooling

What are the Cons of a Window A/C Unit?

Are you burning up or being bogged down in the heat and humidity this summer? Before you rush out to Home Depot or Walmart, buy an air conditioning unit, and plunk it in your window, take a moment to consider the pros and cons of that purchase.   Pros: They are relatively inexpensive to buy. Unless you are putting one