Finken has partnered with Caribou Coffee!

Caribou Coffee has partnered with Finken to bring you great tasting coffee.

What’s the secret of a fabulous cup of coffee? The water of course! Finken Water Solutions was recently selected by Caribou Coffee to update and modify the water treatment systems in all Caribou Coffee retails stores to ensure their water, and therefore all of their coffee, is consistently delicious.

Over the past few months, the Finken team has been installing Hellenbrand Water Treatment systems and Nimbus reverse osmosis systems in select Twin Cities Caribou Coffee locations. The water softeners remove the hardness and impurities from the water, which helps with the taste of the coffee, but also preserves the integrity of each store’s equipment. It helps ensure faucets, sinks, ovens, counter tops, serving and prep areas are sparkling clean. The reverse osmosis system has membranes that filter out chemicals, medications and tiny pollutants that may alter taste.

The Finken Water Solutions team completes the installations during overnight shifts to avoid business interruption. Our goal is to complete two stores per evening and then ten stores per week. The first phase of the project began in February 2015 and included 82 central Minnesota locations. Future phases will roll out throughout the year with final completion of existing locations by the spring of 2016. Finken is also supporting all new retail store openings. Finken Water Solutions is happy to partner with Caribou Coffee to deliver consistently pure and delicious coffee!