Three Ways You Should Be Using Filtered Water in Your Home

watering plants with filtered water

Tap water from municipal water sources must pass strict drinking standards. The water in your home is treated in ways that prevent harmful levels of bacteria from entering your home but isn’t always the best option. Check out three main applications you should be using filtered water in place of tap water in your home:   1. Watering Your Plants

Water Safety Tips: Debunking Myths and Staying Safe

water safety spout pouring water

It’s an uncertain time, and people are becoming downright scared. Staggering statistics, ever-changing rules and plans, a general feeling of uncertainty, and worst of all, misinformation can be worrying. That’s why we’d like to set a few things straight about drinking water. People shouldn’t be afraid to cook, clean, or drink using as much of their home’s water as they

Why Testing Your Drinking Water is a Good Idea

faucet with tap water

Undeniably, this is an unprecedented year for us all. 2020 is a year we have all perhaps thought of the safety measures and hygienic lengths we should be taking much more than before. On top of that, Spring is the season we usually think about some of these measures regardless: spring cleaning, home maintenance, and projects that we have put

Conserving Water and Energy During a Self-Quarantine

young woman drinking water in her home

During a shelter in place quarantine, it’s tough to stay occupied. Staying indoors all day is bound to raise your monthly utility bills and energy consumption. In honor of Earth Day, we’ve compiled some tips to help you and your family save water, conserve energy, and save on your utility bills–even while self-quarantined. Let’s start with water. Did you know

What should be at the top of your spring-cleaning checklist? Cleaning your air ducts

Marie Kondo is who we’re channeling this spring to get us motivated to clean. Her system of getting us to declutter our houses is easy and effective. Yet, we know that there are deeper problems that we need to tackle that have flown under the radar for far too long. For instance, how’s your home’s air quality? Air quality boils

Keep your cool this summer, as long as you get A/C maintenance done now

Right now, we’re at the cusp of winter and spring, which means saying goodbye to cold soul-crushing temperatures and saying hello to humidity. We don’t know about you, but feeling muggy isn’t our favorite feeling. To combat the muggy and humid air these next months, your A/C will need to be in tip-top shape. If there are problems with your

Decrease your carbon footprint this year with these eco-conscious habits

A green home is a happy home. This year for Earth Day, we’re tackling a big goal: to not only help homeowners feel cozier in their homes but also reduce their impact on the environment. There are numerous minor fixes that homeowners can make to drastically decrease their ecological footprint. Here are some ways you can make a positive change

3 simple tips to keep your hot water heater safe and running efficiently

Hot water heaters seem to be the least of your worries when you own a home. Other than worrying about running out of hot water, are there any potential dangers with a hot water heater? There actually is. Learn how to make sure your water heater doesn’t cause damage to your home or pose a risk to your safety:  

Love yourself this winter and install in-floor heating in your home

Crawling out of bed during the cold winter months doesn’t have to be so difficult. How you may ask? No need for slippers and long-underwear, outfit your home with in-floor heating. Luckily, this luxurious, splurge for your home pays off in more ways than one:   The delights of in-floor heating The biggest bonus of in-floor heating is that there