Bathroom Plumbing and Remodeling

With the slow, lazy pace of the summer, it might be the perfect time to start on a bathroom remodel. You can plan the project in stages depending on what level of help your bathroom needs. Maybe you want to fix the basics, like lighting fixtures. Maybe you’re in need of a paint job. Perhaps you want to fix it all, from the flooring to the tiling in the shower. Either way, in the midst of your bathroom remodel, you need to consider replacing your plumbing in the process. As long as you’re replacing everything, why not give your pipes, drains, and water lines a much-needed update?


Sure, replacing your plumbing during a bathroom remodel might not feel like something to get super excited about because you won’t physically see the changes like you would with new tile, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. You might think it’s a time-consuming and difficult addition to the project, but with a great plumber on your team, it’ll be easy. Even if you don’t see the difference with a new plumbing system, you’ll certain feel it.


If your home was built earlier than the 1970s, you’ll most definitely want to replace your pipes. Oftentimes, in homes built prior to 1970, the pipes were made of galvanized steel, unlike the cooper, CPVC, or PEX pipes we use today. Sure, the steel is durable, but it is also prone to corrosion. While you’re remodeling, it’s best to just go in and update all the pipes. Typically, pipe joints are so corroded, disassembling them causes breakage, so you’ll need to replace all the pipes instead of a small section. Similarly, cast-iron drain systems can rot from the inside out. They’re prone to buildup and eventually, corrosion. Copper supply lines are also subject to corrosion due to mineral deposits passing through in hard water. You may not be able to see the corrosion, but if your plumbing hasn’t been replaced in a while, it is likely there. Also consider that there are certain codes you must follow; plumbers are familiar with these codes and will know if your plumbing system needs to be replaced.


When deciding if you should replace your plumbing system, also consider that it frees up the bathroom design. Instead of working around the pipes, the plumbing will be changed entirely, so you can re-design the bathroom layout. Your plumber is an expert in laying out the toilet, water lines, and drains, so you can count on proper placement and installation in your bathroom re-design.


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