Common HVAC Winter Problems to Look Out For

You have probably been stuck in a vehicle in the winter with a malfunctioning heating system or experienced a car battery refusing to start. Did you know that can happen to your home when the temperature drops? There are many common winter problems people experience with their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems when it gets below zero outside.

What to do to Prevent Winter Dehydration

When it’s warm outside, nothing is as satisfying as a nice cool glass of water. Staying hydrated is on everyone’s mind during the summer because we know the chances of dehydration are higher. However, winter dehydration is just as common and essential to combat. Some people get less thirsty when it is cold outside, and we don’t tend to sweat

Winter is Coming, Get Your Furnace Checked

home in the cold covered in snow

It is debatable if winter being on its way is unfortunate or fortunate. Whether you like the cold and snow or not, make sure your furnace works properly before you wake up one frosty morning with no heat. At Finken, we not only ensure your furnace has its regular maintenance checkup, but we can also complete service repairs. But why

Add Cleaning Your Drains to Your Autumn To-Do List

clean drain in a sink

There might be several items on the list of things you should accomplish before winter comes. While you think about what you need on your list, consider adding cleaning the drains in your home to your to-do list. If your pipes give you any warning signs like gurgling sounds, pooled up backups, or smells, you should pay attention. Taking care

Why You Need Custom Water Bottles for Your Event

Water Bottles

Are you a business hosting a big event? Are you planning an outdoor party or celebration? For either occasion, customized one-time use water bottles are a great addition. With COVID-19 restrictions for serving drinks and the necessity of being outdoors, single-use bottles are the best option for hydrating your guests. Customize them to fit the event or brand them using

The Benefits of Staying Hydrated and Drinking Water Regularly

woman drinking water

We hear time and time again that drinking water is essential to our wellbeing. But which aspects of your health benefit from drinking water? Well, water is great for many parts of your body and can promote a healthier lifestyle. Many health authorities live by the 8×8 rule, eight ounces of water eight times a day, which equals to two

Consider Radiant Floor Heating Systems Before Winter

Cat lying on the floor

Many homeowners are moving away from carpeted flooring because tile and wood are often easier to keep clean. In the Midwest, however, carpeted floors protect your feet from getting cold, especially in the winter months. Radiant In-floor Heating will save your toes from the cold and help lower your utility cost in the winter months.   Radiant floor heating has

Storage Vs. Tankless Water Heater: Which is Right for You?

water heater on the wall

Water heaters are necessary for every home. Whether you’re purchasing one for your new home or replacing an old one, it’s a necessary investment. Before making the big purchase, you should consider the cost, efficiency, and longevity of a new water heater. Many people who have never purchased a water heater before don’t understand the difference between a storage-tank water

Water Tasting Funny? You Might Need A Reverse Osmosis System

Tap water reverse osmosis system

Many people debate whether water has a taste or not. However, even if you don’t think it has a taste, you can often tell when it smells or looks wrong. The taste of water can change from home to home, but odd-tasting tap water can cause people to spend money on filters to get rid of the taste of pennies,

Is it Time to Get Your RPZ Valve Tested?

home drinking water RPZ Valve

Is it time to get your RPZ valve tested? If you read that question and have no idea when the last time your reduced pressure zone (RPZ) was tested, it’s probably time to contact a professional. Minnesota state law requires RPZ valves be checked annually and for the whole unit to be rebuilt every five years. Your home has an