Add Cleaning Your Drains to Your Autumn To-Do List

clean drain in a sink

There might be several items on the list of things you should accomplish before winter comes. While you think about what you need on your list, consider adding cleaning the drains in your home to your to-do list. If your pipes give you any warning signs like gurgling sounds, pooled up backups, or smells, you should pay attention. Taking care of drain issues by getting them cleaned out sooner than later is always a good idea. It will save you money in the long run if you get your little drain problem fixed now. Why is cleaning your drains so important? It saves you money and can prevent smells and improve drainage.


Prevent Foul Smells

Skipping annual drain cleaning can lead to bacteria building up in your pipes, resulting in foul odors. Mold spores love a dark, damp environment, and sink drains around your house are the perfect environment for just that. You cannot always rely on the regular water flow of sinks to clear out the mold. Giving your drain a thorough cleaning can ensure those smelly mold spores get taken care of.

Sneaky, stinky microorganisms reside and grow anywhere they can—especially where nutrients, water, and air are available. Microorganisms in drains typically take one of two forms. The first is a free form where microbes float in the drain. They are usually easier to control with traditional sanitizers. The second form is when microorganisms become embedded in biofilm and coat your drain and pipes’ insides. That’s when the real problems begin as the sticky biofilm spreads, grows, and reduces the flow of waste out of your home or office. If your pipes or sewer are stinking, you better call Finken!


Improves Drain

Cleaning your drains not only reduces the smell but can also increase the efficiency of your drains. After you clear your drain out, liquids will be able to go through much quicker than before. Drains will be less likely to clog and develop standing water, which can add to the smell. Drain cleaning is essential in toilet drains because you do not want your toilet backing up and getting all over your home.

Avoiding cleaning your drains can even cause chemical deposits inside of the pipes to develop, which can ultimately lead to corrosion. If you routinely clean your drains, you can limit the chance of leaks happening because of decay. Regular maintenance extends the life of your drain pipes, saving you even more money. When you are thinking of cleaning your pipes this fall, think Finken!

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