Why is my air conditioner so loud?

If your air conditioner is loud, don’t ignore it, especially if instead of a loud hum there is a loud clunking and chunking. A loud air conditioner signals that it is not working properly. When an air conditioner isn’t working properly it is either working too hard and driving up your energy bill or not running enough and hardly cooling

Beat the Heat with Water Delivery

A human can only survive three days without water. Our bodies are 65% water. The earth’s surface is 71% water. How important is water? It is extremely important and an extremely necessary part to our lives. With all of today’s modern conveniences, why are people still buying water from the store, when you could have it delivered right to your

What are the Cons of a Window A/C Unit?

Are you burning up or being bogged down in the heat and humidity this summer? Before you rush out to Home Depot or Walmart, buy an air conditioning unit, and plunk it in your window, take a moment to consider the pros and cons of that purchase.   Pros: They are relatively inexpensive to buy. Unless you are putting one

Coffee Deliveries Aren’t Just Run by the Interns

Wake up! What’s the best part about the morning? Whether you are a morning person or not, the answer to that question is usually the same… coffee! People will try coffee from Costa Rica, Jamaica, Thailand, Honduras, and all over the world looking for the perfect blend. What’s the secret ingredient for the best coffee in the world? The cliché