Finken’s Exciting News!

Finken’s is excited to announce we recently purchased Crystal Canyon Water of Cottage Grove, Mn! Crystal Canyon is a water bottling and delivery company that provides ultra-pure drinking water, fluoride water, and distilled water. How does Crystal Canyon fit into Finken’s picture? Crystal Canyon has been Finken’s bottler for the past 8 years. Tom, the owner of Finken’s has always

Tell Us About Your Community Heros

From St. Cloud to Monticello to Cottage Grove, our communities are full of everyday heroes. Inspirational community members who go above and beyond to serve others. It is these Community Heroes that Finken’s and Bryant are proud to celebrate and support. A hero demonstrates how a person with passion and determination can use their life to make a difference. There

Are Your AC Costs Through the Roof?

Are Your AC Costs Through the Roof? Kiddie pools and cold drinks help keep you cool through the heat wave, but the best option to beat the heat is to turn on the air conditioner. To cook, relax, and sleep more comfortably in your home this summer, the air conditioning unit will be your next best friend. Although you want