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Hardness in water

What is hardness? 

Hardness is the combination of dissolved calcium and magnesium in the water supply. The calcium and magnesium get dissolved though the natural process during the hydrologic cycle. The ground acts as a great filter but when the water is shifting though the ground it begins to dissolve the “hardness”. It is important to note that the calcium and magnesium have no nutritional value to a human body, they are simply just dissolved rock.

What effect does hardness have on my home?

Water hardness can have many effects on a home. Here is a list of a few of the biggest problems that hard water can create.

  • Scale (calcium) build up on dishes
  • Scale build up on heating elements and appliances
  • Gas water heater efficiency decreases
  • Clogged shower heads
  • Plumbing issues from scale build up
  • Soaps effectiveness decrease

How do I fix hard water?

Hard water can cause many frustrations to home owners. Not to fear, there is an easy to to fix water hardness. Most water softeners will remove calcium and magnesium in the water supply before getting to the water heater and other appliances, leaving your water soft and free of dissolved rock.

Water softeners from Finken

If you would like to get more information regarding water softeners or would like your own water tested for hardness feel free to give me a call at 320-980-7711. If you mention this blog post you will also get a free case of water with your free water test.

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