Whole Home Water Treatment Systems In Melrose, MN

Whole home water treatment systems in Melrose, MN are a must-have! They ensure the safety and comfort of your family by removing bacteria and elements like iron, copper, radium and more!

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To make your home as comfortable as possible and preserve the life of your appliances, a water softener is often recommended to help offset the hardness of your water, while an iron elimination system can help with the look and taste.

Hard water is usually caused by concentrations of calcium and magnesium, which makes it hard to lather soap, and your skin and hair may feel drier than usual. Hard water can also cause damage to water-based appliances.

Too much iron in your water can make it taste metallic and turn it a red hue, making it unattractive for drinking, washing or bathing in.


To increase the safety of the water in your home, we typically recommend some combination of an ultraviolet light system as well as a reverse osmosis system.

Whole home water treatment systems in Melrose, MN can vastly improve the safety of your water so you can drink it with ease. Contaminants our Finken systems can remove include bacteria, fertilizers, insecticides, cleaning products, medications and elements like arsenic, lead, fluoride, chlorine and more.

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Whole Home Water Treatment Systems In Melrose, MN

At Finken, we’re committed to using American products to give you the best water possible.

From water softeners and filters to bacteria or iron treatment systems and more, we have the water treatment systems in Melrose, MN you need to make your home safe and comfortable!

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