Water Treatment Services In Mahtomedi, MN

Most water in Mahtomedi, MN comes from the Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer, so while the water in your home will vary from the water in your neighbor’s home, most of that variation will come from the pipes and water treatment equipment your plumber has installed in your home. For the highest quality water you can get, you’ll want to take advantage of Finken water treatment services in Mahtomedi, MN!

What’s In Your Water?

Water can be contaminated very easily. While not all contaminants are dangerous, increased levels of certain contaminants can be harmful to you and your family. Contaminants can range from natural bacteria and elements in the earth which leach into the aquifer, like iron, arsenic, copper, mercury, radium and others. Human-introduced contaminants can also leach into groundwater, like benzene, styrene, chemicals from medications and cleaning products, fertilizers/insecticides from fields and runoff from roadways.

Some of these contaminants can be filtered by municipal water treatment centers, but others can leach into the water during transit through pipes, like additional copper, lead and more. That’s why home water treatment services in Mahtomedi, MN are so important; to protect your family’s health.

At Finken, we can test your home water for free.

Protect your family with a whole home system from Finken

Water Treatment Services In Mahtomedi, MN

Depending on the results of your complimentary water test, you home water may be contaminated with bacteria, chemicals or minerals which make your water hard. These issues may affect your fixtures, plumbing and the health of your family.

Fortunately, Finken has a number of tools available to make sure your water is safe, clean and pure:

  • water softeners and filters protect your investment in your fixtures and allow you to use less soap;
  • chemical and bacterial treatment systems along with ultraviolet disinfection equipment protect your family’s health;
  • iron and odor elimination systems make your water look and smell as pure as it really is; and so much more.

Our clients include residential homeowners, commercial businesses, and agricultural enterprises. Whatever water treatment services in Mahtomedi, MN are needed, Finken is your source for exceptional service and American-made equipment to provide you with fantastic water.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments, or to share with us your needs. If you haven’t been “Thinkin’ Finken” for your water treatment services in Mahtomedi, MN, we hope you will be now!