Water Testing In Litchfield, MN

At Finken, our goal is to make sure the families in our community are safe, and that includes yours. That’s why we offer free water testing in Litchfield, MN.

Water from the city is tested before it enters your home, but depending on the age of your plumbing and what it is made out of, your water can still get contaminants in it; the same water you drink, wash your dishes and clothes in as well as shower in!

Well water isn’t tested before it comes into your home, so it’s up to you to determine its safety.

Water testing in Litchfield, MN is vital in keeping your home safe. Contact us with any questions about water quality, water treatment or water testing in Litchfield, MN.

What To Do When It’s Time For Water Testing In Litchfield, MN

The first thing to do is initiate water testing in Litchfield, MN. Do so by navigating to our free water testing signup page and filling in your information. One of our expert water analysts will come out to your home to test your water for common contaminants like chlorine, iron, hardness, sulfur and ph levels, completely free.

Once we’ve done water testing in Litchfield, MN and know what type of contaminant is in your water supply, we can switch to water treatment mode. At Finken, we have water treatment equipment like water softeners and filters, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, chemical and bacteria treatment systems, iron and odor elimination systems and much more.

Once these are installed, you’ll see an increase in the quality of your water and the quality of your life.

Finken has solutions for your problem water

Water Testing in Litchfield, MN Is Important For Your Safety

Water can absorb chemicals such as cleaning supplies, chlorine, fertilizer, insecticide and more, as well as bacteria, lead, copper, radon, iron (hard water), and much more. These contaminants may even be invisible and tasteless, but can damage your appliances, plumbing, or even cause harm to yourself or your family.

Water testing in Litchfield, MN is important, and there are different tests for different contaminants. Our experts know what to test for, how to do it, and how to treat it after water testing.

Are you thinkin’ Finken? If so, contact us today to learn more!