Monthly Softener Salt Sale

At Finken, we source the highest quality softener salt possible to provide your home with soft, safe water. Our solar salt crystals are 99.6% pure, a natural choice for treating your hard water.

And we don’t only get the best salt available for you and deliver it straight to your door; we do so at a great everyday price of $9.25/bag for 1-2 bags, $8.25/bag for 3-4 bags or $7.25/bag for 5 or more bags. And the first full weekend of every month, we cut you an even better deal if you stop in at one of our locations!

Monthly Softener Salt Sale Details

On the first full weekend of the month*, stop in at any of our five locations during operating hours on Friday or Saturday** and you can get 40 lbs. bags of our solar softener salt for just $4.65/bag! There’s no limit on the number of bags you can buy.

Finken softener salt is a great deal for your home; our solar salt crystals are low in insoluble content, and minimize tank reside over time. No matter what kind of water softener you have, you can benefit from our solar salt. If you haven’t been “Thinkin’ Finken” for your water softener salt, we hope you will be now!

Water Conditioner Solar Salt

Need Salt?

If your softener isn’t working so well anymore, it can be easy to tell. Your skin may feel irritated or itchy after showering, your dishes may have water stains or you may need to use way more soap than usual to get a lather going. These issues may mean you need more salt, or maintenance on your softener!

Even if you don’t already have a Finken water softener – at Finken, we’re proud to use American-made Hellenbrand and WaterCare water softeners – our salt will work great in your system, and our technicians can come inspect your softener and fix any issues it might have. And if you don’t have a softener or aren’t sure how much salt to use, we offer a free hard water test!

*Sale dates for 2017 are as follows: Jan. 6-7; Feb. 3-4; March 3-4; April 7-8; May 5-6; June 2-3; July 7-8; Aug. 4-5; Sept. 1-2; Oct. 6-7; Nov. 3-4; Dec. 1-2.
**See individual location hours, as operating days and times vary.