Water Softener Salt Delivery

Water softener salt isn’t all created equal. Our Finken brand salt is made with 99.6% pure solar salt crystals, a natural and efficient choice for softening your water!

Soft water is essential to everyday life. You shouldn’t have to deal with hard water, which can be inconvenient and even harmful to appliances over time.

A healthy home is a happy home, so take advantage of Finken water softener salt and our delivery services! Contact our team today.

Need Water Softener Salt?

If your softener isn’t working so well anymore, it can be easy to tell. Your skin may feel irritated or itchy after showering, your dishes may have water stains or you may need to use way more soap than usual to get a lather going. These issues may mean you need more salt, or maintenance on your softener.

Let Finken do the heavy lifting with our salt delivery service

Whether you have a Finken water softener or not, our salt will work great in your system and our technicians can come inspect your softener and fix any issues it might have. And if you don’t have a softener or aren’t sure how much salt to use, we offer a hard water test!

Our water softener salt is available for delivery straight to your door at a great everyday price of $9.25/bag for 1-2 bags, $8.25/bag for 3-4 bags or $7.25/bag for 5 or more bags! And the first full weekend of every month we have a water softener salt sale at our various locations, if you pick it up yourself!

Take It Easy

With Finken water softener salt service, we can deliver! Avoid all the heavy lifting and lugging bags down stairs. We can schedule your delivery days to meet your needs and fit your schedule. You can trust our delivery people to treat your home and business properly, and leave it in the same condition it was before they entered.

Are You Thinkin’ Finken?

Finken is your local provider 99.6% pure water softener salt. For more than 55 years the friendly folks at Finken have worked hard to earn the trust of this community and provide every client with an experience far better than they may have expected.

Contact us with any questions, comments, to schedule a water test or set up a service appointment. Remember, healthy, happy homes start by thinkin’ Finken!