Problem Water Treatment

Water is essential. But you shouldn’t have to settle for problem water which is smelly, odd-colored, hard or contaminated with chemicals or elements which can harm you or your family. Even within your own neighborhood, water can vary greatly from home to home.

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Problem Water

Water can occasionally become a problem rather than a source of nourishment. Contaminants from the earth, from runoff of fields and roads as well as elements in pipes can leach into the water you drink, wash and bathe with everyday.

Some of these contaminants can be filtered by municipal water treatment centers, but others will need to be filtered or removed at your home, through various water treatment systems.

That’s why home water treatment services are so important – to protect your family’s health. At Finken, we can test your home water to find out what kind and at what level contaminants may exist in the water you drink, wash with and bathe in.

Finken has solutions for your problem water

Water Treatment Options

By taking the water test above, you’ll know what you’re trying to accomplish with any water treatment options. Our skilled technicians can recommend the right equipment and services to make your water pure and healthy again, such as water softeners or filters, chemical and bacterial treatment systems, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, reverse osmosis, iron and odor elimination equipment and more!

Finken is your source for exceptional service and American-made equipment to provide you with fantastic, clean water!

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