RPZ Testing

As a fully licensed plumbing contractor, Finken installs, repairs, cleans and tests backflow prevention devices (RPZ) for commercial and residential needs according to state and local regulations.

A reduced pressure zone device (RPZD, RPZ or RPZ valve) is a type of mechanical backflow prevention device that allows water to flow in only one direction and is used to continuously protect water supplies from contamination. RPZ devices are used in high hazard locations such as surgical facilities and hospitals as well as drinking water systems and irrigation systems. RPZ’s accomplish this task by utilizing two independent spring loaded check valves with a reduced pressure zone between them. If either check valve fails, water is released from the reduced pressure zone and contamination is avoided.

For residential applications, if there is a water leak in the house, house water service break, city water main break, or hydrant flushing, the water pressure can drop, causing plumbing systems to back up into the drinking water supply. If this occurs, the RPZ will open up, and dump water out rather than allowing potentially contaminated water to backflow into the drinking water supply.

By Minnesota State Mandate, an RPZ test is to be done once a year and the system is to be rebuilt every 5 years.

Finken offers expert RPZ testing keeping you in compliance with all backflow testing requirements plus we can do on-the-spot immediate cleaning and repair. Finken is in the water safety business of which is why our technicians take the time to ensure your backflow preventer is functioning exactly as it should and to answer any questions you may have. It is important to us that you are protected from the harmful contaminants that water can contain. We want to leave your home or business with not only clean, safe water, but peace of mind.

For all your RPZ needs, start thinkin’ Finken!

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