What’s In Your Water?

Considering the amount of people the United States supplies water to, we are very fortunate that the numbers discussed in this news story are not higher.  The municipal water suppliers do a decent job for the most part with the deteriorating infrastructure and limited resources they have to work with.  But it is unrealistic to think they can eliminate all of the concerns.

That’s where a company like Finken Water Solutions comes in.  We can provide that extra peace of mind for you and your family.

Water Testing Is Important For Your Safety

Water can easily be contaminated by both natural and human activity.

It can contain chemicals such as cleaning supplies, chlorine, fertilizer, insecticide and more, as well as bacteria, lead, copper, radon, iron (hard water), and much more. These contaminants may even be invisible and tasteless, but can damage your appliances, plumbing, or even cause harm to yourself or your family.

Water testing is important, and there are different tests for different contaminants. Our experts know what to test for, how to do it, and how to treat it after water testing.

If you are interested in a free water analysis to see what’s in your water, give us a call at 877.346.5367 or click here.

Don’t take chances with your water!

Once we know what type of contaminant, if any, is in your water supply, we can switch to water treatment mode. At Finken, we have water treatment equipment like water softeners and filters, ultraviolet disinfection equipment, chemical and bacteria treatment systems, iron and odor elimination systems and much more.

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