Let’s face it. Living in Minnesota, we see really low temperatures in the winter. But when it’s freezing cold outside and the wind is howling, you don’t want your furnace to struggle to keep you and your family warm.

At Finken, we believe our customers deserve the best brands, service and maintenance around. That’s why we partner with furnace brands we know can be trusted, hire technicians and give them only the best training, and provide you with maintenance that keeps your furnace in tip-top shape all winter long!

Bryant Air Conditioner and Furnace
Bryant Gas Furnace

Service You Can Trust

Our goal is to make sure your furnace keeps you comfortable throughout the heating season by providing high quality equipment and professional, trusted service.

Our team of heating and ventilation professionals are certified in HVAC/R by NATE, the leading national certification program for heating and ventilation. Our technicians are available for emergency service 24/7 to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the winter, whether you need a repair or replacement.

Furnace Brands

At Finken, we offer a wide variety of furnaces to make sure you have choices while still providing you with only high quality options. We’re a proud supplier of the best HVAC brands, including Bryant, one of the most trusted and innovative furnace suppliers in the industry.

Since 1904, Bryant has built a reputation for going above and beyond to give you the comfort you deserve.  To them, it’s not just about heating, but providing products you can rely on season after season.

Bryant’s furnaces surpass expectations of today’s comfort-minded and energy-conscious home or business owner. According to ENERGY STAR®’s list of the most energy efficient furnaces, the newest Bryant furnace can save you 20-22% on the operating cost compare to a standard furnace!


Even if you didn’t purchase your furnace from us, our technicians can service virtually any make and model!

If you enroll in our Maintenance Agreement Program, you automatically receive a 15% discount on all repairs! Plus, regular maintenance extends the life of your system, helps prevent breakdowns which require repair and reduces energy cost through increased efficiency, saving you money every month.

If you’re wondering if the furnace in your home or office is working properly, start Thinkin’ Finken and give us a call today!

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