Turn up the heat!

Radiant heat systems provide consistent, precise heating comfort and are a popular, economical heating choice with homeowners and business owners.

Whether you are looking for baseboard heating or in-floor heating to keep your home or business affordably toasty and warm, Finken is ready to assist you in all your boiler-based radiant heating needs.  From new construction to existing system repairs, the Finken team has the training and technology to get your space cozy and comfortable.

Finken offers a variety of high efficiency, fuel-maximizing Bryant 90-95+ boiler systems to suit your home or business’s heating needs. That means our systems convert a minimum of 90% of the usable fuel to heat plus our systems match heat output to household demand so they use only the energy necessary to keep you comfortable. And saving on energy costs hits everyone’s hot button!

Whether you need a gas, LP, or electric system, our HVAC team will help you determine the best boiler system to quietly and efficiently maximize the comfort and efficiency of your space.

HTP Boiler

The inside workings of a boiler.