Air Conditioners Near St. Cloud, MN

With summer in Minnesota comes some negatives, like mosquitoes, heat and humidity. With proper planning, you can get some positives out of it too, like time at the lake along with high quality air conditioning at home! For the best air conditioners near St. Cloud, MN, Finken is your only choice. Our passion is making sure you’re comfortable all summer long, able to enjoy the outdoors when you want to and retreat into cool air anytime.

We believe you deserve the best air conditioners around, including the best brand options, service calls and regular maintenance. That’s why we’ve built up brand partnerships we trust, hire and train the best technicians in the St. Cloud area and provide you with great maintenance that keeps air conditioners near St. Cloud in great shape all summer long!

Finken Air Conditioners Near St. Cloud

With our brand partnerships, you’ll have your choice of a number of different, high quality air conditioners near St. Cloud.

We’re a proud supplier of the best HVAC brands, including Bryant, one of the most trusted and innovative furnace suppliers in the industry! Since 1904, Bryant has built a reputation for going above and beyond to give you the comfort you deserve.

Bryant Central Air Conditioner


Whether you’ve gotten a Finken air conditioner or not, our highly skilled technicians can service any make or model near St. Cloud. Regular maintenance from Finken extends the life of your system, helps prevent breakdowns and reduces energy costs, saving you money every month!

Plus, if you enroll in our Maintenance Agreement Program, you automatically receive a 15% discount on all repairs!

Trusted Service

Each of our service technicians is determined to make sure your air conditioner keeps you comfortable throughout the A/C season by providing high quality equipment and professional, trusted service.

Our team of cooling and ventilation professionals are certified in HVAC/R by NATE, the leading national certification program for cooling and ventilation. Our technicians are available for emergency service 24/7 to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the summer, whether you need a repair or replacement.

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