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Does your water smell like rotten eggs?

I recently received a phone call from a new homebuyer Kayla.  The home Kayla was purchasing had the well water tested. When the water analysis came back from an independent lab she was informed there were no problems with the water and they could proceed with the purchase of the house.  The day after Kayla moved her family into their new home she called me and said the water from her well smelled like rotten eggs.  She informed me the smell was so bad she could barely shower in the water and drinking the water was out of the question.

          Common cause of rotten egg smell

Kayla isn’t the first person to share this experience with me.  I will tell you the same thing I told Kayla and several other customers who have called with the same concern.  When purchasing a home, the seller is typically required to have their well water analyzed at an independent lab to ensure the water is safe to use and more importantly safe to drink.  Typically, the tests conducted will check for Coliform/E.coli, Nitrates and Nitrites.

Nitrites and Nitrates are regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Very high levels of nitrate can be associated with central nervous disorders in adults, it should be noted that nitrates and nitrites are rarely a problem in drinking water for humans older than six months of age.  Coliform/E.coli can affect people of all ages in many ways.  The symptoms of introducing Coliform/E.coli to our bodies are commonly associated with “food poisoning”.

Kayla’s told me when she saw the water analysis came back with no harmful bacteria and the water was safe to drink she assumed there was nothing to be done before her family could use the water.  After sampling Kayla’s water, I discovered Iron Bacteria and Hydrogen Sulfide in her well.  Hard water, organic musty smell in water, red and brown water are common problems in many wells in Minnesota.

Please don’t let troubled water deter you from purchasing your dream home!  There are many simple options to give you crystal clean water for you and your family.

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Jeff Soltau is originally from Monticello, Minnesota and is a Territory Manager for Finken Water Solutions. He enjoys listening to people, and helping them solve problems while serving his community. He earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from St. Cloud State University and is currently studying to become a certified water specialist through the Water Quality Association. Jeff is married to his wife Kate.