Bottled Water Delivery In Litchfield, MN

If you’re feeling worn out, it’s time to give yourself a hydro-boost with bottled water delivery in Litchfield, MN from ​Finken Companies​!

Finken’s ​bottled water​ provides the hydration you need to get through an active day with your family or a tiring work day. Water solutions for both work and home are available, and Finken’s fresh, pure bottled water delivery is just what your family and business are looking for!

Water For Home Or Office, Pure And FreshA case of Finken Bottled Water

If you’re in need of safe and convenient water, Finken’s has just what you’re looking for.

All water delivered by Finken is drawn from a well-protected and glacially-created spring in Wisconsin. The spring is highly-monitored for purity by the Food and Drug Administration so the water delivered to you is safe and fresh. The water is micron-filtered and treated with ultraviolet light, then bottled in a specially created clean-room to ensure only the highest quality. Bottling at the source eliminates the risk of potential contamination which can occur during bulk transport of water.

From the spring to your door, Finken water is typically delivered within two days and is an important source of healthy, convenient hydration.

Bottled water delivery​ in ​Litchfield, MN​ can vary from: classic drinking water filtered for purity; to natural, fresh-from-the-earth spring water; to 98% pure distilled water; to fluoride-fortified, kid-friendly water.

Bottled Water Delivery In Litchfield, MN

Dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue. Refueling your body and mind with water refreshes you so you can completely enjoy the family activities and work projects you want to, whether it’s a day at ​North Park​ or keeping your mind focused on spreadsheets.

Finken water is available in ​several sizes and varieties​ for your convenience: 16.9 ounce; 20 ounce; one gallon; three gallon; five gallon; and 55 gallon drum.

Water coolers are also available and they make the perfect solution for great water in houses, apartments, offices, garages or manufacturing facilities. Water coolers are available in either ‘cook and cold’ or ‘hot and cold.’ Bottleless coolers are also available with a choice of carbon-filtered water or reverse-osmosis water. Water coolers can be rented or purchased.

Are You Thinkin’ Finken?

Finken Companies is your local provider of the best tasting water. For over 55 years the friendly folks at Finken have worked hard to earn the trust of this beautiful community, and provide every client with an experience far better than expected. We invite you to ​learn more​ about all the wonderful services we specialize in on our website. ​Contact us​ with any questions or comments. If you haven’t been “Thinkin’ Finken” for bottled water delivery in Litchfield, MN, you will be now!