Bottled Water & Coffee

Refresh healthy.

Feeling weary, worn out and drained? Boost your brain and body with Finken!

Finken’s bottled water and coffee division has more than 100 hydrating and energy enhancing products that will put the pep back in your step.

Did you know that a key factor of fatigue is dehydration? One of the best things you can do for your body and mind is fuel them with refreshing water. Kick start your day at home, work or play with delicious and pure bottled water from Finken available in several sizes and varieties for your convenience. Finken also has convenient water coolers for purchase or rent. Water coolers are the perfect solution for having great water in homes, apartments, offices, garages or manufacturing facilities.

Of course, there’s always coffee to give you a lift and Finken has over dozens of delicious Keurig brewed beverages to choose from including:

  • Green Mountain coffee options for both single-serve Keurigs and full-size brewers. We offer traditional hot coffees plus iced varieties.
  • Mugsy’s Beans for full-size brewers.
  • Hot and iced tea including fun flavors like chai, green, Earl Grey, apple spice, berry varieties and many more.
  • Sweet treats like scrumptious hot cocoa, melt-in-your-mouth hot cider and smooth and creamy vanilla chai tea.
  • Finken also offers commercial-grade brewers and can even do the plumbing installation for your large-scale coffee needs.

If you’re thirsty for more, start thinkin’ Finken!

Finken can deliver bottled water and coffee to your home or office.