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Bacteria in City Water

Most people believe that city water is safe to drink and there is no chance of getting sick from it. And in fact, considering the number of people in the US that get their water from a municipal source, one can’t help but to be impressed that we don’t hear of it more often than we do.  That is because, while most cities do a decent job of meeting the minimum drinking water requirements, it is impossible & unrealistic to expect perfection.

The following article ( lists stats from the year of 2014-2015 from the Minnesota health dept. in regards to bacteria in city water. It states in Minnesota 82 systems were tested and overall, 8 percent of samples tested positive for human viruses, 11 percent tested positive for Salmonella, and 89 percent of systems had evidence of microbes. Click here to see more information on this article.

Municipalities do a decent job with the limited resources & deteriorating infrastructure they have to work with.  But if you want an extra level of peace of mind and to know that your water is bacteria & contaminate free, call me, at 320-980-7711.

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